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makeup artist + hair stylist

Jeiris Ferrer is a skillful and gifted make-up artist and stylist bringing her extraordinary talents and touch to the tri-state area.

Beauty has always been a passion for Jeiris.  From an early age, She knew that helping women to feel good about their appearance and helping them unlock their inner beauty and confidence was a gift she could share and a gift that filled her heart as well.

After graduating from beauty school in 1998 and then subsequently with a degree in business management, Jeiris successfully freelanced in fashion world, working on both runway and photo shoots.  She also worked and continued training in salons in  NYC.  But in 2012, Jeiris took on her first Bridal client and knew in her heart that she had found her niche.


“Bridal isn’t just about doing hair and make-up, it is about making sure every detail is perfect.  You are part of one of the most important days in your client’s life.  You have the ability to make that day unforgettable.  That is what I do- I become so much more than just the stylist.  I am there to help the bride, her family and the entire bridal party have an incredible experience, making sure that they look their best, that every detail from dress to jewelry, from photos to even simple tasks are taken care of.  I am there to pay attention to every detail so their day can be stress-free and beautiful”.


Jeiris takes her role as stylist very seriously.  When first meeting with a bride, she makes sure to ask questions about the dress, the accessories, the shoes, the setting and feel of the wedding. She listens astutely to the bride so that she understands the vision her bride has of what the perfect wedding day will be, then Jeiris makes that vision a reality. 

An expert with any hair type, especially curly hair, Jeiris has helped brides of all ethnicities to realize their bridal beauty.  She is exceptionally skilled with any skin tone, light to dark, and knows exactly the right techniques to help accentuate your natural beauty while bringing on the best of this special day.

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